We are set up by passion, driven by a goal, and fuelled by a vision

Shac & Bango was setup in 2019 to drive the implementation of SchoolMates.ng founded by Gabriel Esu and John Uzo.

CONCEPTION: In 2014, all we wanted to do was build a year-book for our alma mater to keep our secondary school experience alive:

CONVICTIONS: Over the next 4 years, we became convinced that we could actually create something bigger than a yearbook, and that all secondary schools, not just ours can benefit from.

ACTION: Based on our findings and feedback, we decided to take the leap of faith. In 2019, we incorporated Shac & Bango, christened our project Schoolmates, and set out on this Journey.

VALIDATIONS: In 2018, we decided to research into the Nigerian Secondary School Space to identify:

(1) The EdTech needs of this Market

(2) How we can create a product that meets that need

The Team

Gabriel Esu
Gabriel EsuCo-founder
Gabriel Esu is a seasoned Canadian Contract Manager who is one of the best project managers in his industry. He has successfully led several project teams across two continents.
John Uzo
John UzoCo-founder
John Uzo is a Masters degree holder in IT and a serial entrepreneur currently managing a staff base of over 900 as a consultant.
Kunle Akinrinlola
Kunle AkinrinlolaBusiness Director
Kunle Akinrinlola is currently a General Manager of a 3000-staff strong firm. He Kunle has over 10 years experience is agent network and field staff management.

We are set up by passion, driven by a goal, and fuelled by a vision

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